The 2 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy



I’ve been ‘doing this’ for a long time.

You know, coaching coaches and leaders.

A VERY long time.

And when I take everything I’ve learned so far and observe it at arms length I see that declines, as in, that circumstance when a client hears what you have to offer but still says no, really come down to just 2 things.


The first reason is that they simply don’t believe you can do what you say you can do.

Sure, you can dress it up in a million different ways but ultimately, a lot of people think your story of what’s possible… isn’t.

They think that your story is bullshit.

Now, that doesn’t mean they don’t like you or that they think that YOU don’t believe and are conning them necessarily, it’s just that, in their mind at least, the math doesn’t add up.

They can’t see how what you say can possibly be true and so, of course, they don’t see why they should take the risk.

Can’t blame them, right?

I wouldn’t give someone like ME my hard earned cash if I didn’t truly believe in what they said was possible for me, that’s for sure.

Would you?

DO you?


And the second reason?

This is a slightly trickier one as most people feel far better about blaming YOU for their not taking action than blaming themselves (shame they don’t realise there’s no need for ANY blame regardless of their decision).

The second reason is that they don’t believe that THEY can or will do whatever it is that needs to be done in order to accomplish whatever it is that they want to accomplish.

It’s like knowing what’s involved in following a diet and actually following a diet.

Two different things.

Most know HOW to diet already.

Regardless of whether it’s counting carbs or counting calories or restricting something, the essence is the same… restrict something for a certain period of time and Bob’s-your-uncle, you jump on the scales lighter and fit into smaller clothes.

Nothing complicated there.

Except the ever-so-complicated dichotomies of human nature, of course 🙂

You know, knowing what to do, why you ‘should’ do it and all that jazz, yet being unable to figure out why you’re not actually DOING it?

Even if the coach before you is a world-class, world-renown, world-leader at physical transformation, if YOU don’t believe that YOU will do the work to make the transformation happen then it’s a no-go.

It’s another risk.

And one that most people won’t take.

And why should they? Why should they invest their hard-earned cash in something that they don’t believe THEY will see through?

Would you?

Yeah… right!

Most coaches spend a crazy amount of time tackling the first objection.

They build sites and create content and ‘slicken up’ their sales processes to help their prospects see they they and only they are the ideal choice for coaching them through their struggles to their goals and dreams.

Trouble is, the first objection isn’t the one holding MOST people up.

It’s the second.

The best coaches I know, know this.

And because they know it, they spend most of their time helping clients to see, understand and believe in ways that they WILL actually do what they know needs to be done.

They don’t ‘sell’ coaching.

They don’t even sell solutions.

They help their clients to believe in THEMSELVES.

There’s a powerful lesson there, I think.

Stated explicitly here’s the ULTIMATE business growth strategy.

“Help your clients to believe that they WILL take action that leads to them both GETTING and KEEPING their results long term and you’ll never have to worry about creating marketing materials to have them believe in you”

Help them to believe in themselves more than they ever have before.

Make that your strategy.

And you’ll never have to worry about getting clients ever again.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy​



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