Still Falling For ‘They Won’t Pay That!’ Bullshit?


It doesn’t make sense.

Not when you REALLY stop and think about it.

You know, basing your pricing around the people who tell you that they WON’T pay you what you want to earn and what you truly believe you’re worth.

In fact, it’s nuts.

But that’s how most trainers and coaches operate.

They listen to people who don’t value them and their skills and set their pricing to appeal to THEM.

Weird, no?

It’s like lighting up a beacon and trying to attract MORE of those people who cause you the MOST aggravation while paying you what THEY want to pay..

Like I said, makes no sense.

But imagine if you had the guts to do it differently.

Imagine if you set your pricing in a way that HONOURED yourself, your knowledge, your skills, your ability and your commitment to those you serve and only invited those who honoured you equally well enough to pay it.

You know, a funny thing happens when you start playing the game at a higher level… you tend to attract OTHER high level players too.

And when you do, the game is MUCH more fun.

You should try it.

After all, it’s YOUR business, not your clients’…



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