Is Feature Creep Killing Your Fitness Business?


In this Short Video I’ll be sharing:

– Why feature creep is KILLING fitness businesses today (especially bootcamps)
– Why your fitness business offerings should have less ‘moving parts’ if you want to increase your profits (and keep your sanity)
– Why your current approach to building out your product suite is overwhelming your clients and creating LESS value
– Why TAKING AWAY services and ADDING price will make your service better, not worse.

And much more besides!



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  1. Cody

    Thanks! I’ve been experiencing exactly this. I’ve felt so much pressure to add value, but I’m just a training expert not a nutrition expert so I don’t feel it would be appropriate for me to offer the meal plans and yet some folks expect all that now because everyone else is doing it. This has given me some new perspective and confidence in what I’m already doing which is just focusing on offering a high level of training and instruction. Thanks again, I’m becoming a fan.

    1. Post
      Dax Moy

      Spot on Cody, don’t feel any pressure to add ANYTHING to your list of services.

      You don’t go to a nutritionist and expect them to offer you a workout plan or go to your GP and expect them to take you for a run around the block, right? 🙂

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