How Big Is YOUR Bonfire?



Picture this…

It’s night.

No, not just night, that pitch-black, moonless, deep-dark night where you can’t even see your hand in front of your face and every direction you turn your head looks exactly the same.



You’re alone, you’re disoriented, you feel lost and above all, you’re scared; more scared than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Got the picture?


Now imagine if among all this blackness you started to notice little cracks appearing in the darkness, little pinpricks of light and, occasionally, a larger flare up that gave gave off enough light to see your surroundings, even if only for a fleeting moment.

What would you do?

You’d start walking toward the light, right?

We all would.

Because the light signifies the known. The predictable. The safe.

And we all want to feel safe, don’t we?

And so you start walking but as you do you notice a HUGE roaring bonfire springing to life giving off so much light that you can see clearly way off into the distance. It’s light, it’s bright and it’s hypnotically attractive. So much so that you immediately forget the other source of light and make a beeline for the bonfire and feeling of safety, light and warmth that it promises.

No-one had to ‘sell’ you on changing course. There were no ‘bonus’ offerings. You simply saw something that offered you what you most wanted and felt you needed and YOU took action toward it.

Client attraction should be like that. It should be that easy.

Those lost souls in your marketplace, in whatever niche you serve, should be able to look around and see YOUR bonfire blazing highest, emitting the most light, warmth and offering the most safety relative to the dangers and fears they face in their own lives.

If that were the case, they’d change whatever course they were on and make a beeline for you. No persuasion necessary. They’d just do it because they’d see your fire burning brightest and feel your warmth inviting them in.

But to build THAT kind of fire takes a lot of fuel and, well, let’s be honest here, most small business operators aren’t feeding the fire with very much fuel at all are they?

Yes, I’m talking about passion and purpose and that deep, deep burning desire to share with the world what truly moves you, what you truly believe in, what you truly believe to be the difference that will make the difference to the world.

I’m talking about the stories you want to share about how things COULD be for the people you serve and why you believe they’re stuck, lost, struggling and suffering.

The ultimate fuel, that which builds the biggest bonfire, emits the most light, radiates the most warmth and creates the most desire in others to connect with you is simply showing up in the world every day and sharing YOUR beliefs with them.

Your kooky, wacky, weird, awesome, amazing, brilliant and truly illuminating beliefs… all of them.

ALL of them!

You’ve been marketing, selling and persuading for far too long and you know it. And you (mostly) hate it too, don’t you?

So stop.

Light the fires instead.

And light them big!

If your bonfire is big enough, those who most want and need it will see it… and they’ll come.

Light the fires.

It’s already been too long, don’t you think?

Truth, joy and love




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